Can You Use Google Home as a Security System?

Can you use Google Home as a security system? Google’s first venture into the world of home security was the Nest Security System. But since it was discontinued for unknown reason(s), Google has provided other home security devices and Google Home is just one of them. Before diving in, let’s have a brief explanation of what Google Home is and how it can be used as a security system.

Can You Use Google Home as a Security System?

What is Google Home?

To better answer your question, let’s have a quick overview of what exactly Google Home security is.

Google Home is an intelligent speaker. The Google Home speaker is divided into two major models; the full-sized and the mini version.

Although the Google Home Mini is the more popular model, both versions retain the same features, some of which are more concerned with security than others.

Google Home Security systems can be paired with some of the best home security systems on the market today.

Also, there are no additional monthly fees, and all you need to get started is a Google account to use the mobile app.

It does not require professional installation and is simple to use for many older adults. Making it an excellent product to use and give as a gift to your favorite seniors.

Can You Use Google Home As a Security System?

Can You Use Google Home As a Security System?

Do you want to improve your home security? Google Home and its Nest provide three home security packages:

The Front Door Monitoring Package, the Outdoor Monitoring Package, and the Total Security Package. 

You can even add more cameras and floodlights for an additional fee. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Nest security products and the home security company in general.

Google Home security alarm is not a security device in and of itself, but it can be paired with Google Nest devices such as;

The Nest Hello doorbell, Nest Detect, and the Nest Secure Alarm System. You can also use Google Home voice commands to activate or deactivate Nest Secure.

It’s a smart addition to any home, but it’s especially useful in households with elderly members. Perhaps you received a Google Home device as a gift and are excited about all the things it can do.

Well, have you heard that Google Home could be a part of a larger security system by pairing it with other Google devices like smart locks and security cameras?

Although Google Home is a smart device, it is not a standalone security system. It can collaborate with other Google devices to make your home smarter.

It’s a simple and wonderful addition to any home, but it’s especially beneficial in homes with seniors.

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