How Long is the Free Blink Subscription?

How long is the free Blink subscription? In this article, we will explore the duration of the free Blink subscription and provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding this aspect of the Blink system. 

From the length of the free subscription to frequently asked questions and everything in between, this article aims to provide you with the information you need.

How Long is the Free Blink Subscription?

How Long is the Free Blink Subscription?

The free Blink subscription offers users a generous trial period of 7 days. During this time, you can explore and experience the various features that Blink has to offer without any additional cost. 

This trial period allows you to determine if Blink is the right home security solution for your needs.

Exploring the Blink Subscription Options

After the 7-day free trial, you have the option to choose from different subscription plans offered by Blink. 

These plans provide additional benefits and extended access to various features beyond the free trial period. Let’s take a closer look at the available subscription options:

1. Basic Subscription Plan

The Basic subscription plan is the entry-level paid plan offered by Blink. It provides you with enhanced features and longer storage options for your Blink camera recordings. 

The Basic plan is available at an affordable monthly fee, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want to enjoy added benefits without breaking the bank.

2. Plus Subscription Plan

The Plus subscription plan builds upon the features offered in the Basic plan and provides even more benefits. 

With the Plus plan, you can access advanced features such as motion alerts, unlimited camera sharing, and extended cloud storage for your video clips. 

This plan is ideal for users who require additional functionality and a higher level of security.

3. Premium Subscription Plan

For users who demand the utmost in security and convenience, the Premium subscription plan offers a comprehensive suite of features. 

With this plan, you can take advantage of advanced services such as priority customer support, extended video storage, and exclusive discounts on Blink products

The Premium plan caters to users who prioritize peace of mind and a seamless home security experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blink Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions About Blink Subscription

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the duration of the free Blink subscription:

1. Is the free Blink subscription available worldwide?

Yes, the free Blink subscription is available to users worldwide. Regardless of your location, you can enjoy the 7-day trial period and explore the features of Blink.

Also, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time during the 7-day free trial. If you decide that Blink is not the right fit for your needs, you can easily opt-out without any charges.

2. Can I upgrade my subscription plan after the free trial period?

Absolutely! If you find that you require additional features and benefits beyond the free trial, you can upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans offered by Blink. 

Simply choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and enjoy the enhanced functionality.

3. Are there any limitations during the free trial period?

While you can explore the full range of Blink features during the 7-day trial, there are some limitations to keep in mind. 

For example, the free trial may have restrictions on the number of cameras you can connect or the duration of video clips stored in the cloud. These limitations can be lifted by upgrading to a paid subscription plan.

4. What happens if I don’t choose a subscription plan after the free trial?

If you decide not to choose a subscription plan after the free trial, your access to certain features and benefits may be restricted. 

However, you can still use your Blink cameras locally without an active subscription, providing a basic level of security for your property.

5. Can I switch between subscription plans?

Yes, Blink allows you to switch between subscription plans to accommodate your changing needs. 

Whether you want to upgrade to a higher-tier plan or switch to a more basic subscription, you have the flexibility to adjust your plan accordingly.


In conclusion, the free Blink subscription provides users with a 7-day trial period to experience the features of the Blink home security camera system. 

After the trial period, you have the option to choose from different subscription plans that offer enhanced benefits and extended access to various features. 

Whether you opt for the Basic, Plus, or Premium plan, Blink offers flexible options to cater to your specific security requirements. 

So, take advantage of the free trial, explore the features, and make an informed decision to protect your home and loved ones.


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