How Much Does a Honeywell Alarm System Cost?

How much does a Honeywell Alarm System cost? Homeowners and business owners alike are always looking for ways to secure their properties and protect their assets, and Honeywell alarm systems are a popular choice for many.

In this article, we will discuss how much a Honeywell alarm system costs and some common questions homeowners and business owners may have about using and maintaining their Honeywell alarm system.

How Much Does a Honeywell Alarm System Cost?

How Much Does a Honeywell Alarm System Cost?

The cost of a Honeywell alarm system can range from $300 to over $1,000, depending on the type and complexity of the system.

The price is subject to change based on several factors, including the system type, the number of sensors, and the need for professional installation.

Homeowners looking to install a basic Honeywell alarm system can expect to spend anywhere from $300 to $500. This includes a control panel, a few door and window sensors, and possibly a motion sensor.

However, homeowners who require a more advanced Honeywell alarm system can expect to pay upwards of $1,000.

These systems come with more features and sensors, including smart home security, CCTV cameras, wireless security cameras, surveillance systems, video monitoring, indoor security cameras, motion detection, and night vision.

In addition to the cost of the Honeywell alarm system itself, homeowners may also need to consider the cost of professional installation. While some Honeywell alarm systems can be self-installed, others require professional installation.

The cost of professional installation can range from $100 to $500, depending on the complexity of the system and the location of the installation.

Honeywell Alarm Systems and Their Key Features

Before we go further, let’s take a look at some of the Honeywell alarm systems that are popular and what makes them unique:

Honeywell Alarm SystemKey Features
Honeywell Lynx TouchWireless system, touchscreen display, home automation integration, mobile app control, voice control compatible
Honeywell Vista 20PWired system, expandable up to 48 zones, multiple partition support, remote keypad access, advanced user codes
Honeywell LyricWireless system, compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, built-in camera, geofencing technology, battery backup
Honeywell SiXWireless system, encrypted security, supports up to 128 zones, easy installation and programming, mobile app control
Honeywell Ademco 6150Wired system, alphanumeric display, supports up to 32 zones, single-button arming, chime mode, easy installation
Honeywell LynxWireless system, touchscreen display, home automation integration, mobile app control, voice

Each system has its own unique features and benefits, so it is important to carefully consider your needs and preferences before making a final decision.

Types of Honeywell Alarm Systems

Honeywell offers several types of alarm systems to meet the needs of both homeowners and business owners. The most common types of Honeywell alarm systems include:

1. Home Security Systems: 

These systems are designed to protect your home from intruders, fire, and other threats. They typically include door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a control panel to arm and disarm the system.

2. Business Security Systems: 

Similar to home security systems, business security systems are designed to protect commercial properties from theft, vandalism, and other threats. They may include additional features like video surveillance and access control systems.

3. Combination Systems: 

Combination systems are designed to offer both home and business security features in one comprehensive package.

These systems can be customized to meet the unique needs of your property and can include features like fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, and more.

Can You Reset a Honeywell Alarm System?

Can You Reset a Honeywell Alarm System?

Yes, you can reset a Honeywell alarm system. To do so, you will need to enter your security code into the system’s control panel. If you have forgotten your security code, you may need to contact Honeywell customer support for assistance.

Why Does My Honeywell Security Alarm Keep Beeping?

If your Honeywell security alarm is beeping, it could be due to several reasons. One common cause is a low battery in one of the system’s sensors.

Other possible causes include a malfunctioning sensor or a fault in the system’s wiring. If you are unsure of the cause, it is best to contact a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Is Honeywell the Same as ADT?

No, Honeywell is not the same as ADT. While both companies offer home and business security systems, they are separate entities with their unique products and services.

Does ADT Use Honeywell Security?

Yes, ADT does use Honeywell security products in some of its home and business security systems. However, ADT also uses products from other security companies, depending on the needs of the customer.

Can I Use My Honeywell Alarm System Without Monitoring?

Yes, you can use your Honeywell alarm system without monitoring. However, keep in mind that without monitoring, you will not receive alerts or notifications if the system detects an intruder or other threat.

It is recommended to have professional monitoring for maximum security and peace of mind.


In conclusion, Honeywell alarm systems are an effective way to enhance the security of your home or business. They come in different types to cater to your specific security needs, and the cost varies depending on the system’s features and complexity. 

With Honeywell alarm systems, you can rest assured that your property is protected against intruders and other security threats.

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