How to Secure a Door from Being Kicked In

Do you know that there are several effective measures you can take to reinforce your doors and make them more resistant to forced entry? In this article, we will explore various methods and techniques to secure a door from being kicked in, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to enhance the security of your home.

How Do You Secure a Door From Being Kicked In?

How Do You Secure a Door From Being Kicked In?

Securing a door from being kicked in requires a combination of reinforcing the door itself and its surrounding frame. 

By implementing the following measures, you can significantly increase the strength and resistance of your door, making it much more difficult for an intruder to break in.

1. Use a Solid Core Door

A solid core door is an excellent choice for enhancing security. Unlike hollow core doors, which are more susceptible to forced entry, solid core doors are made of solid wood or metal, providing greater strength and durability. 

These doors are more resistant to impact and can withstand repeated kicks, making them a formidable barrier against intruders.

2. Install a Reinforced Door Frame

A sturdy door frame is essential for preventing forced entry. Standard door frames are often weak and can easily splinter or break when subjected to excessive force. 

Reinforcing the door frame with metal plates or door jamb reinforcement kits significantly increases its strength and makes it more resistant to kicking attacks. 

These reinforcements distribute the force of impact across a larger area, making it much harder for an intruder to break through.

3. Upgrade to High-Security Deadbolt Locks

A high-security deadbolt lock is an indispensable component of a secure door. Choose a deadbolt lock that extends at least one inch into the door frame when fully engaged. This long throw helps prevent the door from being easily kicked in. 

Opt for a deadbolt lock with a hardened steel bolt, as it provides superior resistance against physical attacks. Additionally, consider installing a deadbolt lock with a reinforced strike plate, which adds an extra layer of security to the door frame.

4. Use Door Reinforcement Bars or Braces

Door reinforcement bars or braces are excellent devices for strengthening your door’s resistance to forced entry. These devices are typically made of steel and can be easily installed on the inside of the door. 

When engaged, they create a strong horizontal barrier that reinforces the door and prevents it from being kicked in. 

Door reinforcement bars or braces are highly effective and provide an additional layer of security, particularly for doors that may have weaker frames.

5. Install a Door Viewer or Peephole

A door viewer or peephole is a simple yet effective security feature that allows you to see who is outside your door without opening it. 

By installing a door viewer at the appropriate height, you can identify visitors or potential intruders before deciding to open the door. 

This small but valuable addition to your door helps you maintain control over who enters your home and adds an extra layer of security to your overall door security system.

6. Strengthen Glass Areas

If your door has glass panels, they can be a potential weak point for forced entry. To strengthen these areas, consider applying a security film or installing laminated glass. 

Security films are transparent adhesive sheets that are applied to the glass, making it more difficult to break. Laminated glass consists of multiple layers of glass with a plastic interlayer, providing increased resistance to impact. 

These measures ensure that even if the glass is shattered, it remains intact and prevents easy access for intruders.

7. Outdoor Lighting and Landscaping

Proper outdoor lighting and landscaping can also contribute to the security of your doors. Well-lit entrances deter potential intruders by increasing the risk of being seen. 

Install motion-activated lights near your doors to illuminate the area when someone approaches. Additionally, consider trimming hedges or bushes near the entrances to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders. 

By improving visibility and eliminating concealment, you make it less attractive for criminals to attempt a break-in.


Securing your doors from being kicked in is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of your home. By implementing the measures discussed in this article, you can significantly enhance the resistance of your doors to forced entry. 

Remember, a comprehensive approach to home security involves multiple layers of protection, including strong doors, reliable locks, and effective security systems. 


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