What Was Nest Secure and Why Was it Discontinued?

What Was Nest Secure and Why Was Nest Secure Discontinued? Nearly 3 years after Nest Secure was launched, Google discontinued its security system. Read on to find out why Google had the Nest alarm system discontinued.

Why was Nest security System Discontinued?

In 2017, Google introduced the Nest Secure Alarm System. This alarm system came at a high price but did deliver on all its functions. 

The Alarm System featured a “Nest Guard” main unit, two “Nest Detector” sensors (one for each door and window), and two “Nest Tags,” which were NFC keys.

Also, from the main unit, the system was armed and disarmed by either pressing the top button or touching one of the keys to it. And to control the Nest Secure Alarm System, the developers created a remote control app.

But the question that still rests on everyone’s mind is, with all these amazing features, Why was Nest Security System discontinued?

Why Was Nest Security System Discontinued?

Beginning in October 2020, customers noticed that the Nest Security System was permanently out of stock on the Google Store website. 

At this time google sent an email to all current users assuring them that the system would be supported indefinitely. However, there would be no restocking of sensors or tags.

Although Google did not explicitly state a reason for discontinuing the Nest Security System. Speculation suggests that there could be a variety of reasons. 

First, the system was simply too expensive, according to the facts. The starter’s pack cost $500 and provided insufficient coverage

Customers would need to buy more sensors to cover all of their doors and windows, which would cost $60 per piece. Further lowering the main price to $400 made little difference.

Furthermore, when Google Assistant began supporting the device in 2019, there were some serious privacy concerns. 

Users discovered that the “Nest Guard” had an in-built microphone, which Google had not announced when the system was released.

Can I Still Expand My Current Nest Secure System?

If you are a current user of the Nest Secure alarm system, you may be wondering whether you can still expand your current system even though the product has been discontinued.

Although they had the nest detect sensor discontinued. The good news is that you can still add new Nest Detect sensors to your existing system. These sensors are still available for purchase on the Google Store and can be used to expand your system’s coverage.

Is there Any Chance this system Will Integrate with Future Google Nest Offerings?

One of the benefits of the Nest Secure system was its integration with other Nest products and services. Such as Nest cameras and the Nest app.

However, with the discontinuation of Nest Secure, many users are wondering whether their system will integrate with future Google Nest offerings.

While it is uncertain whether Nest Secure will integrate with future Google Nest offerings. Google has stated that it will continue to support Nest Secure and release software updates to keep the system secure.

Is Google Going to Replace Nest Secure?

Is Google Going to Replace Nest Secure?

In an E-mail, Google sent to its customer. They affirmed that the full Nest Secure system will no longer be available for purchase. Although, tags and Detect Sensors will remain available. 

The full Nest Secure system may not be available. But Google recommends that you can get a close enough experience with these Tags and Sensors.

In its email sent to customers, the company said:

“We’re reaching out to give you an update on your Nest Secure alarm system. We sold out of Nest Secure and won’t be making the full system available for sale any longer. 

Also, we are committed to bringing you the same feature and software support you’ve always had with Nest Secure. Including existing cross-product integrations within the Nest ecosystem. 

We will also continue to deliver critical security updates and software fixes. You shouldn’t notice any change with your Nest Secure experience. 

Nest Tags are currently available on the Google Store, and we’re working to have more Nest Detect sensors available for sale by mid-December.”

What Should I Move to Instead, for Home Security?

Ring Alarm offers the best alternative choice to Nest Secure, though Amazon has more security concerns with its system than Nest does. 

The Nest Secure had some unknown issues. And was discovered that the Nest Guard hub had a microphone hidden inside that wasn’t revealed until more than a year after it was released.

Simplisafe(opens in new tab) is a similar system that works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. But it’s less well-known and less trusted than Nest and Ring. 

Blue by ADT is another option, but it’s probably not worth the cost for most people. Especially since ADT’s billing department is a pain to deal with.

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