What Does Ring Security Cost Per Month? $3 Per Month

What does Ring Security cost per month? As homeowners, we all value the safety and security of our families and properties. With the advancement of technology, home security systems have become more accessible and user-friendly. 

Ring security cameras have gained immense popularity due to their reliable features and ease of use. 

What Does Ring Security Cost Per Month? $3 Per Month

What Does Ring Security Cost Per Month? 

In this article, we will dive into the question that concerns many potential Ring users: “What does Ring security cost per month?” 

Let’s explore the different pricing plans offered by Ring and understand the benefits they provide. 

When selecting a Ring plan, consider the number of devices you have, the desired recording storage duration, and the need for professional monitoring

Each plan offers different benefits, so it’s essential to assess your requirements and choose accordingly.

1. Ring Basic

The first option for Ring users is the Ring Basic plan, which costs $3 per month. This plan is ideal for users who want to access their Ring doorbell or camera recordings for up to 60 days. 

With Ring Basic, you can review, save, and share your videos with others. It also offers neighborhood crime alerts, allowing you to stay informed about security incidents in your vicinity.

2. Ring Protect

For more extensive coverage, Ring offers the Ring Protect plan at $10 per month. This plan covers all devices at a single location, enabling you to access your recordings for up to 60 days. 

In addition to the features provided by the Ring Basic plan, Ring Protect offers extended warranties, discounts on future purchases, and professional monitoring for Ring Alarm.

3. Ring Plus

If you have multiple Ring devices across different locations, the Ring Plus plan might be the right choice for you. Priced at $15 per month, this plan covers unlimited devices at multiple locations. 

You can access your recordings for up to 60 days, enjoy extended warranties, avail discounts, and benefit from professional monitoring for Ring Alarm, just like in the Ring Protect plan.

4. Ring Alarm

In addition to their video doorbells and cameras, Ring offers a comprehensive home security system called Ring Alarm. 

With Ring Alarm, you can choose from different kits that include a base station, contact sensors, motion detectors, and more. 

The Ring Alarm monitoring service, priced at $10 per month, provides professional monitoring, cellular backup, and unlimited video recording for all Ring devices at a single location.

5. Ring Secure

Ring Secure

For users who opt for the Ring Alarm system, Ring Secure is an enhanced plan priced at $20 per month. 

This plan covers unlimited Ring Alarm devices at a single location, providing professional monitoring, cellular backup, and unlimited video recording. 

It also includes 24/7 professional monitoring for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms, ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones.


In conclusion, Ring security provides homeowners with a range of affordable options to ensure the safety and protection of their properties. 

Understanding the cost of Ring security per month is crucial when making an informed decision about the best plan for your needs. 

Whether you opt for the cost-effective Ring Basic plan, the comprehensive Ring Protect or Ring Plus plans, or the advanced features of Ring Alarm and Ring Secure, Ring offers flexible options tailored to your requirements. 

Invest in the peace of mind that comes with Ring security and enjoy the benefits of reliable home protection.

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