Can Google Home Hub Be Hacked?

Can Google Home Hub be hacked? As technology continues to advance, so do the threats to our privacy and security. In this article, we’ll examine whether the Google Home Hub is susceptible to hacking. Let’s dive in!

Can Google Home Hub Be Hacked?

In the age of smart homes that are fully automated for your convenience, Google provides us with the Google Home to make life even easier. 

But, as we all know, with every technological advancement, there are a few people who try to take advantage of it by stealing personal information. You’re probably wondering if that’s even possible with Google Home.

Google Home can undoubtedly be hacked by third parties using a variety of methods. Continue reading to learn how this can happen and how to avoid it.

Can Google Home Hub Be Hacked?

Although it seems impossible for Google home to be hacked, seeing that it was built by Google itself. 

Nevertheless, Google Home can be hacked using various methods, but for the purpose of this article, we will niche these methods into two;

  • Your wireless router
  • Apps from third parties

Let’s take a look at both of these below.

Getting Hacked Via Your Router

Can Google Home Hub be hacked? The most common method for hackers to gain access to Google Home devices is to log in to the same Wi-Fi network that the device is on.

This is usually accomplished by hijacking the Wi-Fi router and exploiting the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol, which is supported by almost all consumer Wi-Fi routers. 

UPnP is a protocol that facilitates the identification of network devices and services, as well as connection and communication. LANs typically make use of devices on the same network.

Hacked Via Apps from Third Parties

Security Research Labs recently attempted to ethically hack Google Home by creating seemingly harmless activities that were later submitted for review. 

If accepted, take action to send a false error message rather than a normal message for actions taken to convince the user that the device is not turned on and is not listening.

This error message was followed by a manipulated one-minute silent prayer, followed by a phishing message informing the user that security updates were available and prompting for a password to continue. 

When the password is spoken, it is saved and sent to the hacker.

How to Prevent Google Home from Being Hacked

How to Prevent Google Home From Being Hacked

Now that we’ve established that Google’s home can be hacked, stating some tested ways hackers can gain access to your Google Home Hub. 

Here are some effective strategies for safeguarding your Google home from hacker attacks.

1. Protect Wi-Fi

The first caution to take is to avoid public Wi-Fi networks shared by strangers. Check that your Wi-Fi is password protected. 

This prevents other network users from accessing network devices.

2. Enable Voice Recognition

You can configure Google Nest to respond only to your voice. Here are the  steps to accomplish this:

  • Install and open the Google Home app.
  • Go to Settings by tapping the bottom home button.
  • Under the Google Assistant service, click the More Settings button.
  • Then select Assistant, Voice Match, and Add Device.
  • Strangers will be unable to activate Google Nest as a result of this.

3. Purchase and Payment Confirmation

One of the benefits of smart speakers is that you can order items simply by speaking to them. 

The disadvantage is that if your Google Home device is hacked, then the hackers can order items from your wallet. 

So now you know why you should secure your payment method, let’s look at how you can achieve this.

Follow these steps to safeguard your funds:

1. Open the Google Home app and go to Settings.

Payment settings allow you to verify your identity before making a purchase and choose whether to confirm your payment with your fingerprint

2. Keep them going.

If you’re having trouble remembering the different passwords you’ve set for different accounts, consider using a password manager to keep your accounts safe.

Let’s take a look at keeping your email up to date.

4. Keep Your Email Up to Date

Unauthorized access, activity, or purchases are very likely to be reported to you via email. It is critical to monitor your email in order to detect security breaches.

The thought of someone having access to your Google Home can be disturbing. 

Hence, we’ve covered a wide range of ways your Google Home can be hacked and how you can totally prevent this, and we hope it’s given you a more secure journey with Google Home.

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