Is Google Home Security Discontinued?

Is Google Home Security discontinued? As the popularity of smart home devices continues to rise, many people are wondering about the status of Google Home Security. Has this product been discontinued? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Google Home Security Discontinued?

In a world where smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, Google Home was once at the forefront of the market, offering users a range of features including voice-activated commands, music streaming, and home automation.

However, rumors have been circulating that Google has discontinued its home security service, leaving many users wondering what this means for their homes and their safety.

Let’s take a closer look at whether or not Google Home Security has actually been discontinued and what this could mean for the future of home security technology.

Is Google Home Security Discontinued?

Google left the home security market in 2020 after it announced the discontinuation of Nest Secure. This discontinuation also affected the entire Google security system on the market (seeing that it was no longer a full package). 

However, in an E-mail sent to customers, Google assured users of its commitment to providing existing Nest Secure users with the same feature and software support they have always had.

This includes providing critical security and software updates, so Nest Secure customers do notice any difference in service.

If you have any questions or issues with your Nest Secure, you can find answers by checking other articles on this site or contact the Google Home Security Center.

Will Google Release a New Security System?

Although Google’s Home Security has been discontinued, Google isn’t completely out of the smart home security market. It continues to sell smart video doorbells, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other smart home products. 

In addition, the company announced a $450 million investment in security company ADT in August, stating that Nest devices will “become the cornerstone of ADT’s smart home offering” as part of that announcement.

What are Google Home Security Alternatives?

What are Google Home Security Alternatives?

Google Home Security gained popularity during its few years of existence, but unfortunately, it got discontinued, leaving many users high and dry. 

But don’t worry, there are other options out there that offer similar features. So if you’re in the market for a security system, you don’t have to despair! Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives available.

1. Ring Alarm Pro

Have you heard about the latest Ring security system? It’s got some pretty cool features like a built-in Wi-Fi 6 router, which means faster and more reliable internet for you.

And, the best part is that it’s compatible with almost every type of add-on you can imagine, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

Plus, for a fee, you can get internet backup, which means you won’t have to worry about losing your connection during a power outage.

And if you need even more backup power, you can add up to 24 extra hours of backup time. Pretty cool right? Well below are the prices from different stores;

  • $300 from Amazon
  • $300 from Home Depot
  • $300 from Best Buy

2. Ring Alarm (2nd Generation)

So, if you’re not particularly in need of the Eero, then you might want to consider going for the original Ring system.

It’s super user-friendly, won’t cost you an arm and a leg to set up, and comes with a ton of camera add-ons that you can’t find with any of our other recommended options.

  • $200 from Amazon
  • $171 from Lowe’s
  • $200 from Best Buy

3. SimpliSafe The Essentials

When it comes to monitoring your home, the SimpliSafe kit is a great choice. It’s not only affordable, but it’s also a breeze to install and use.

Plus, if you opt for their monitoring plan, you’ll save a little bit of cash compared to our top pick. However, it’s worth noting that this plan doesn’t include video storage.

4. Abode Smart Security Kit

If you’re a smart-home enthusiast, then Abode might just be the perfect security system for you.

Out of all the systems we tested, Abode has the most impressive smart-home integration capabilities, allowing you to connect it with various smart-home devices from different manufacturers.

This means you can have a fully customized and interconnected smart-home security system tailored to your preferences.

  • $220 from Abode
  • $200 from Amazon

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