100 Phoenix Arizona Pin Code: 85001, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

Welcome to the top 100 Phoenix Arizona pin code in the United States. In this exploration, we will uncover the most sought-after pin codes in the State.

Popular Cities and Their PIN Codes in Phoenix Arizona 

Popular Cities and Their PIN Codes in Phoenix Arizona 

The ZIP code format in Phoenix, Arizona follows the standard five-digit ZIP code format used throughout the United States. 

However, there are also ZIP codes in Phoenix that have an additional four-digit extension, known as ZIP+4 codes. These additional digits help to further pinpoint specific locations within a particular ZIP code.

Here are some examples of ZIP codes in Phoenix:

1. Phoenix (85001-85099)

2. Mesa (85201-85277)

3. Chandler (85224-85249)

4. Scottsdale (85250-85271)

5. Glendale (85301-85318)

6. Tempe (85281-85287)

7. Gilbert (85233-85299)

8. Peoria (85345-85385)

9. Surprise (85374-85388)

10. Avondale (85323-85392)

11. Goodyear (85338-85395)

12. Buckeye (85326-85396)

13. Casa Grande (85122-85193)

14. Maricopa (85138-85139)

15. Apache Junction (85117-85120)

16. El Mirage (85335)

17. Queen Creek (85142-85143)

18. Fountain Hills (85268)

19. Paradise Valley (85253)

20. Florence (85132)

21. Eloy (85131)

How to Find the Correct Pin Code in Phoenix

How to Find the Correct Pin Code in Phoenix

Finding the correct PIN code for a specific location in Phoenix is relatively straightforward. There are several methods you can use to obtain the accurate pin code information:

1. Online Pin Code Directories

Numerous websites provide online pin code directories that allow you to search for specific pin codes by entering the area’s name or address. 

Some popular online directories include PostalPINCode.in and IndiaPost.gov.in. These directories are user-friendly and provide accurate and reliable information.

2. Indian Postal Service Website

The official website of the Indian Postal Service, www.indiapost.gov.in, offers a comprehensive search feature that allows you to find pin codes for various locations in Phoenix. 

Simply enter the area name, and the website will display the corresponding PIN code along with additional details.

3. Post Office Inquiry

If you prefer offline methods, you can visit the nearest post office in Phoenix and inquire about the PIN code for a specific area. The post office staff will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary information.

4. Mobile Apps

There are several mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices that provide pin code search functionality. These apps often include additional features such as tracking postal deliveries and calculating postage rates.

Importance of Using the Correct Pin Code

Using the correct PIN code when addressing mail is crucial to ensure its timely and accurate delivery. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to use the correct PIN code:

1. Efficient Mail Sorting

The PIN code system enables postal services to sort mail more efficiently. When you provide the correct PIN code, it helps streamline the sorting process, reducing the chances of mis-routed or delayed mail.

2. Timely Delivery

By using the accurate PIN code, you increase the likelihood of your mail reaching its intended recipient promptly. This is particularly important for time-sensitive items such as official documents, invitations, or business correspondence.

3. Reduced Errors

Providing the correct PIN code minimizes the chances of errors during mail processing. It ensures that your mail is routed to the correct post office and delivery routes, reducing the risk of misdelivery or undelivered mail.


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