What Happens After the Ring Protect Plan Expires?

What happens after the Ring Protect Plan expires? This article extensively answers this question. But before we dive into the details, let’s understand what the Ring Protect Plan entails and why it is essential for Ring device owners.

What Happens After the Ring Protect Plan Expires?

The Ring Protect Plan is a subscription service that enhances the capabilities of Ring devices, such as video doorbells and security cameras.

It offers advanced features like cloud storage for recorded videos, access to the Ring app’s advanced settings, and extended warranties on eligible devices.

What is the Ring Protect Plan?

The Ring Protect Plan is a comprehensive subscription service designed to provide users with peace of mind and additional security features. 

With a monthly or yearly subscription, users can enjoy benefits such as video recording and storage for their Ring devices, making it easier to review past events and keep a record of any potential security breaches. 

Additionally, the plan offers access to additional features like sharing videos with friends and neighbors, customizable motion zones, and professional monitoring services.

What Happens After the Ring Protect Plan Expires?

Once the Ring Protect Plan expires, users lose access to the additional features and benefits provided by the subscription. 

However, it’s important to note that the basic features of the Ring devices will still be available for use. This means that users can continue to receive alerts, answer doorbell calls, and view live feeds from their devices. 

The expiration of the plan does not render the Ring devices obsolete, but it does limit the advanced functionalities that were previously available.

Duration of the Ring Protect Plan

The Ring Protect Plan is available in both monthly and yearly subscription options. Users can choose the duration that best suits their needs and budget. 

The monthly subscription provides flexibility, allowing users to pay on a monthly basis. 

On the other hand, the yearly subscription offers cost savings compared to the monthly option, making it a popular choice for long-term Ring device owners.

Renewing the Ring Protect Plan

To continue enjoying the enhanced features and benefits of the Ring Protect Plan, users have the option to renew their subscriptions

Ring provides a simple and straightforward process to renew the plan directly through the Ring app or website. 

The renewal process offers different pricing options based on the selected duration, allowing users to choose the plan that aligns with their needs and budget.

Alternatives to the Ring Protect Plan

While the Ring Protect Plan provides a comprehensive security solution for Ring device owners, there are alternative options available in the market. 

Users who do not wish to renew their subscriptions or explore different security approaches can consider other security systems that offer similar functionalities. 

These alternatives may have different pricing structures, features, and integrations, so it’s important to evaluate them carefully before making a decision.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Ring Devices

Additional Ways to Protect Your Ring Devices

Apart from the Ring Protect Plan or alternative security systems, there are additional measures users can take to enhance the security of their Ring devices. 

These measures include ensuring strong Wi-Fi network encryption, regularly updating device firmware, enabling two-factor authentication, and placing devices strategically to maximize coverage. 

Additionally, users can explore DIY security options like installing additional motion sensors, outdoor lighting, or even integrating their Ring devices with smart home security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some related questions on “What happens after the ring protect plan expires?” with answers:

1. Can I still use my Ring device after the Protect Plan expires?

Yes, you can still use your Ring device after the Protect Plan expires. The basic features will remain functional, although you will lose access to the additional features provided by the subscription.

Also, renewing your Ring Protect Plan is a simple process. You can renew directly through the Ring app or website by following the provided instructions.

2. Are there any alternatives to the Ring Protect Plan?

Yes, there are alternative security systems available in the market. These systems offer similar functionalities to the Ring Protect Plan, and you can explore them as alternatives.

Also, apart from the Ring Protect Plan, you can enhance security by ensuring strong Wi-Fi encryption, updating firmware regularly, enabling two-factor authentication, and integrating with other DIY security systems.

3. Is the Ring Protect Plan worth it?

The value of the Ring Protect Plan depends on your individual needs and preferences. 

It provides additional security features and benefits, but you should evaluate its cost and compare it with alternative options to make an informed decision.


The Ring Protect Plan offers valuable benefits and features to Ring device owners, significantly enhancing the security of their homes. 

After the plan expires, users still retain the basic functionalities of their Ring devices but lose access to the advanced features provided by the subscription. 

Renewing the Ring Protect Plan or exploring alternative security options ensures continuous protection and peace of mind for users.


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