The DIY Guide to Security Door Installation

Security doors are strong metal barriers designed to protect your home from burglary and invasion. Security door installation can be one herculean task, yet, a necessity to ensure the safety of lives, properties and zero break-ins.

Hence, it’s essential for many to hire a professional security door installer, but with the right tools and DIY guide to security door installation, you can do it yourself. This article will provide a DIY step-by-step for a security door installation.

The DIY Guide to Security Door Installation

What Are The Types of Security Doors That Can Be Installed?

Security doors can be custom made to fit any shape or size you need in and around the house, using materials that complement the existing architectural and interior styles of your home. 

The following are some of the numerous types of security doors:

1. Security Hinged Doors

This type of security door can be added to any existing entrance around the house, allowing you to leave doors open during the day and night to enjoy nature’s air without any security issues.

2. Security Sliding Doors

Serves for houses with wider openings that lead to openings or patios. The sliding action also aids in maximizing space and creating an elegant transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

3. Security Mesh Doors

This offers enhanced protection against intruders, insects, and UV light thanks to the high-quality security mesh and the triple-lock system.

The DIY Guide To Security Door Installation

guide to security door installation

Here is a comprehensive DIY guide to successfully install your security door:

Step 1: Provide The Tools For Security Door Installation

This is a priority as the tools and equipment you need will guide you to a security door installation. 

This should include; some wedges, a chisel, a hammer, a pencil, a combination square, a utility knife, a tape measure, and a drill for pre-drilling and screwing everything into place.

Step 2: Take Measurements Of The Door Frame

Before going on to select security door styles and designs, first gain accurate measurements for your door frame by measuring the width and height of the doorway. 

It’s important to measure the doorway to know which security door to purchase or get custom-made.

Step 3: Select Door Style, Design And Colour

Selecting the right security door style, design, and color for your security door becomes a work over when you have the right measurements.

 It is also dependent on if the door has a right-opening, left-opening, hinged, or sliding security door. In making such selections you can consult a security door installation professional to ascertain which is most suitable to ensure the safety of your properties.

Step 4: Review The Manual For Security Door Installation

It is important to review or study the door manufacturer’s manual which will grant you a guide to security door installation and save you the cost of hiring a security door installation professional in situations of a tight budget. 

This step cannot be skipped. Depending on the type of security door selected, installation will vary. The security door installation manual will guide you to where specific screws needed to go in.

Step 5: Attach The Locks, Handles And Hinges

You will have to start by figuring out the locking mechanism, in order to attach locks, handles, and hinges.

Attach backing plates to the security door so the locks and handles can go. Screw the locking lever and handles into the interior backing plate. After this is done fit the handle and backing plate onto the lock body. 

Step 6: Install The Security Door

Move the door up to the front of the house and put it in place, make sure the door is plumb and leveled, pre-drill your top holes into the hinges, and insert temporary lag bolts to hold everything in place starting from bottom to top.

Ensure to have assistance while at it. For the drilled holes, ensure they are properly firm into their hinges by swinging the door a couple of times. You’ll know you’ve done a good job with the security door installation if it’s swinging smoothly and evenly.


A successful guide to security door installation can be achieved by following the outlined steps in this guide and a manual that suits either a purchased or custom-made security door.

Whether you opt for the hinged, sliding, or mesh doors, these are available in a wide range of custom colors and can be custom-fit for your home. Whether or not you choose to hire a professional, the above guide can help you do it yourself.


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