What is the Importance of Metal Security Screen Doors in Homes?

If you are considering a high resistance to forced entry into your homes, the metal security screen doors would be your best option. It is one of the top-notch security in keeping your family and properties safe.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about metal security screen doors.

What is the Importance of Metal Security Screen Doors in Homes?

What are Security Screen Doors?

A security screen door is a strong heavy-duty door equipped with a metal and mesh screen that is designed to provide high-level protection against intruders and ventilation with unobstructed clear-vision views.

These security doors can be in the form of aluminum or steel and can be installed as the door itself or additional layer to the entry door.

Importance of Metal Security Screen Doors in Homes

There are many benefits that accrue to installing a security screen door in your home or commercial property. You get to enjoy an outdoor view and security at the same time.

The benefits include:

1. Heightened Security

The metal security screen does a great job of deterring burglars or intruders from home invasions or break-ins. The combination of mesh and steel construction makes it very hard for would-be intruders to get in granting enhanced security.

2. Great View

With the security screen door, you can have a clear view of what is happening outside, without bothering about intrusion from pests or wild animals.

3. Ventilation

Security screen doors allow for ventilation while still deterring break-ins. This is the best security solution during hot weather conditions, hot climates, or summer where you can stay safe and cool.

4. Protection from Nature Hazards and Pest

If you suffer the disadvantage of pest intrusion or live in pest-prone areas infested with pests such as mosquitoes, flies, or other insects, a screen door can help to keep them out of your home.

Metal screen doors are not susceptible to rot or insect damage like termites or carpenter bees. 

Security screens also proffer the benefit of keeping out strong air from storms. During the winter season, drafts or cold currents cannot penetrate leaving the house warm. 

5. Enhanced Air Circulation

Screen doors give room for enhanced air circulation in the home. This aids in situations of health allergies and conditions like asthma, keeping the home dust-free.

6. Reduce Noise Penetration

One may wonder if metal security screen doors are soundproof, the metal security screen does reduce unwanted noise evading noise pollution.

What Do You Look Out for When Choosing Metal Security Screen Doors?

There are important factors to look out for when choosing a security screen door. The screen is one of the most important factors to look out for as well as the material. 

Heavy-duty metal security screen doors in this case are durable even though they are quite expensive but serve long-term purposes. Although compared to plastic they’re prone to rust.

Another important factor is taking note of the measurement of the doorway.  Before purchasing a security screen door ensure to know the size that will fit that of your home. Also, determine the lock mechanism that you will be comfortable with. 

Make sure the security screen door you choose comes with triple locks (and interlocks on sliding security doors) and a pneumatic door closer to keep the door shut. 

Also, a bug strip seal on the bottom of your door ensures protection from bugs and other infectious insects.

How Do You Maintain a Metal Security Screen Door? 

How Do You Maintain a Metal Security Screen Door? 

To ensure long term use of your security screen door, depending on the type of screen you have, there are several ways to ensure maintenance of a security screen door:

1. Cleaning

Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s manual depending on the security screen purchased to avoid damaging the screen.

You can clean metal security screen doors by; using mild detergent, a soft cloth or sponge, and lukewarm water. After every cleaning ensure to leave it to air dry before being put to use.

2. Inspection

Always look out for damages such as tears. This is essential so as to replace metal security screen doors to avoid more deterioration.

3. Oiling

A very important maintenance of metal security screen doors is oiling moving parts of the metal security screen door. Oiling enables control of friction and wear by the introduction of a friction-reducing film between moving surfaces.

Removing Rust from a Metal Security Screen Door

With just a few minutes of preventive maintenance every 2-6 months, your screen door can look new for years and that’s a lot better than having to replace one. Here is all you need:

1. Remove grease, dust, dirt, and any salts brought in by the moist air by spraying both sides of the door with any detergent.

2. Wipe both sides of the door clean and wipe with a towel.

3. Spray both sides of the metal door with a carnival spray car wax.

4. Spray in between the metal screen, and especially coat the lower part of the door where moisture and salt accumulate.

5. When the wax is dry, wipe with a soft rag and apply another coat, especially if your door is directly exposed to the elements.


The importance of installing a metal security screen door cannot be overemphasized. If you crave safety and comfort at the same time, such a screen door should be top of your list.

As much as it serves you, it has to be taken care of to continually enjoy the benefits it proffers and save the cost of replacement.

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