When Should You Not Use a Storm Door?

As someone living in such brutal conditions, you may find that a second, protective door may be important. That’s exactly what storm doors is. In the millennial generation, storm doors were very common in homes. But when should you not use a storm door?

In this article, we provide the necessities that translate to owning storm doors and when you should not use a storm door.

When Should You Not Use a Storm Door?

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is an exterior layer of the door in front of the entry door or exit door necessary for protection against harsh weather conditions like winter draft, and ventilation during hot weather like summer.

They call it a storm door because it’s built to protect your main door from the elements. Also, When you think of general security, having two doors is better than having one. 

After all, there’ll be an extra barrier for intruders to deal with. And it isn’t just uninvited guests you can keep out. Even pests can be kept at bay while you enjoy the benefits of the outdoors from the inside. 

These storm doors can come with a glass panel or screen the panel can be replaced with a screen when warmer weather approaches. Other designs of storm doors have built-in screens you can roll up or down. 

These built-in screens allow you to switch back and forth conveniently so if you get the occasional warm day in winter and you want to give your house good ventilation, you can push the glass panel up and pull the screen down.

The Importance of Storm Doors

You need to consider the possibility of your location having a temperature lower than average.  In regions with colder temperatures, a storm door may just be what you need. If your house rarely gets any storms, then you should not use storm doors. 

The need for storm doors will depend largely on the type of place you live in. If cold drafts and other forces of nature present a problem, then storm doors will solve it. Whether you need it or not is a matter of your situation. 

The insulation provided by storm doors can drastically reduce the effect of either cold or heat traveling in. A storm door is an efficient way to reduce losing energy in this way. 

A storm door acts as a barrier against bad weather and helps prevent cold or warm air from leaking into your house because of poor insulation in your main door.

When Should You Not Use a Storm Door?

You need to consider whether your location has a temperature lower than average. In colder regions, a storm door may just be what you need.

If your house hardly gets any storms, then you might not have a need for storm doors. The need for a storm door will depend largely on the type of environment you live in.

Either there’s a need to use a storm door for the aesthetics and functionality of your front door. If having an attractive and purposeful entrance is what you want, then storm doors are for you, if the case is the reverse then you should not use a storm door.

If cold drafts and other forces of nature present a problem, then the storm door will solve it.  Whether you need it or not is a matter of your situation.

When is a Storm Door Needed?

When is a Storm Door Needed?

Here are specific situations you’ll need storm doors:

1. Enhanced Security 

An entry door is mostly the first point of attack by harsh weather conditions, burglars, or visitors. If you get a lot of rain, snow, or wind, your door is exposed very often.

If you select an expensive, stylish front door to add aesthetics to the architectural state of your home, or even if you’ve just repainted your old one, you want your door to last as long as possible. 

A storm door shields your main entry door from everything nature can present it with. You can cut the cost of maintenance with a storm door, and it will most certainly help your main door stand the test of time.

2. Increased Lighting 

As earlier mentioned, the storm door is an exterior layer, which offers you the luxury of opening the main front door for penetration of natural lighting. 

This is effective especially when the front door blocks light from penetrating in.

3. Heightened Ventilation 

This need goes together with the one earlier stated. When you either switch out your storm door glass panel for the screen or roll down the built-in screen, you give room for air into your home. 

As climate conditions get warmer, this becomes a necessity. Storm doors afford you the luxury of enjoying the entrance of air without fearing pests.

4. When You Need an Upgrade 

Storm doors give you lots of room to express your style; from the make of the storm door to the glass type and color. It can be a great way to infuse your sense of personality into the face of the house. 

Shift attention away from or draw it to the front door by leaving the storm door closed and the front door open. You can do it all when you have a storm door installed.

The storm doors available today are of different varieties. They come in a variety of colors with appealing glass designs

Storm doors can be designed to reflect your own personal style, blending in perfectly with the design of the home and accentuating your entryway. You have the freedom now to customize your storm doors to your taste, hence, giving it an upgrade. 

5. Cutting Cost on Energy Expenses.

With storm doors, there’s going to be less energy dedicated to heating and cooling your home.   Air can creep in from the entry door in extremely hot or cold climate conditions, especially if your entry door is worn out or lacks insulation

Storm doors can prevent excess heat and block out the biting cold, giving your home a good amount of insulation. In addition to a solar insect screen, it’ll help to retain energy and effectively help you cut costs.


Before you are hasty at purchasing storm doors, it’s necessary to look at your needs to help you determine when you need and when you should not use storm doors.

Ask yourself if you want just one storm door for the main entrance or if you’d like them on all the entrances to your home. 

If you live in an area that frequently sees violent storms, getting those extra storm doors might be beneficial. 


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