5 Reasons to Invest in Security Screen Doors?

Has the safety of your family and property ever been a concern? Yet, you’re unsure if investing so much in security would be worth it. Security screen doors are undeniably a step in the right direction. 

Security screen doors are designed to prevent home invasion and increase safety and burglar protection. They are on the high side but you will be getting the worth of your investment. This article will provide you with five reasons to invest in security screen doors. Investments for a safeguard solution.

reasons to invest in security screen doors

5 Reasons to Invest in Security Doors

Our mindset towards home invasions and break-ins usually is to secure our windows first, even the media portrays the same but your door is usually the target in reality. To further explain, Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in getting a good security door:

1. Sense of Peace

As much as security doors function for safety, they also provide you with peace of mind. With improved security, you have a greater chance of deterring burglars as your property isn’t Vulnerable to a break-in. 

When the breeze kicks in, most people want to open their windows and doors to enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, doing so can present a security risk, and fear of pesticides no matter where you live. 

Security screen doors proffer the option of enjoying ventilation without fear of intrusion.

When you look at a security screen door, you know you’re getting everything you paid for and more. Investing in this security option will allow you to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your family is safer.

2. Non-Removable Hinges 

The hinges of the security screen doors are non-removable. The whole point of this hardware is to increase security, so it’s expected that their design would be more difficult to work with. Some hinges might even require you to take the entire thing off along with the door. 

When you invest in a security screen door, you won’t have to worry about break-ins anymore. They tend to cost a few more dollars than a regular hinge, but they can be well worth it.

In a situation where you were to use removable hinges on the outside of your front door, an intruder could easily tap them out. This would open the door right up and allow them complete access to your home; definitely something you want to prevent.

3. Beyond Regular Locks 

reasons to invest in security screen doors

Security screen doors are made of locks that surpass the regular locks on doors. They are a combination of stronger, heavy-duty materials that militate against home invasion. 

Doors without the purpose of security and protection but just serving as coverage to the home entrance cannot last long and withstand high force during a home invasion, neither can their locks. 

Every reinforcement you can think of and protection you can think of against home invasion can be found in a security screen door.

4. Void of Windows

A window opening is nothing but an opportunity for intruders, which is the reason why security screen doors have none. 

Glasses of windows can easily be broken through, giving room to access doors from inside. Installing a security screen door is a great investment to prevent would-be intruders. 

Statistics show that window break-ins are far less common than intruders entering through a door. Average doors aren’t built to withstand brute force attacks or be sophisticated enough to deter intruders.

One may wonder if to do away with the window completely; this isn’t the case, rather, a glass break sensor or mesh safety screen is a security add-on to security screen doors.

This sounds like an alarm when your windows are being tampered with or becomes challenging to cut through a mesh screen.

5. High Resistant Frames

Compared to a regular door frame with few kicks, access is express for burglars; not the case with a screen door which is just one of the numerous reasons to invest in a security screen door.

The frames of the security screen door have high resistance to break-ins and home invasions. The frames are much stronger on a security screen door than they are on any other kind of door. 

The doors are made of a variety of materials which can be: steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or metal alloy. In many cases, steel security screens are highly advisable. These materials are significantly stronger than traditional doors, which make your home much harder to break into.

A standard screen door measures about 32 to 38 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height. However, the steel screen door has to be 2-3 inches wider than the typo screen door to ensure tight security.

Security screens are great investments, nobody wants to live in a home that is easy to break into. If a potential buyer sees that you have made improvements to increase the safety of your home, you may be able to get more money when you go to sell your home in the future.


If the opening to your home is not a standard size, you may need to customize the door to meet your needs. In this case, you should work with a professional who has experience with security door installation.

So there you have it, reasons to invest in security screen doors. Security doors offer a wide array of benefits that could help you protect your company, your family, and the rest of your home which are great reasons to invest in them today.


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