The Difference Between a Storm Door and a Security Door

Your front door is an essential part of your home, as it’s one of the first points of contact people either notice or have to your home. It’s also the main access point to your house. 

When the thoughts of security and protection of our homes come to mind, storm doors and security doors are two popular options to give thought to.

Whether you need to guard against the weather or possible intruders, there’s a door that’s perfect for your home. This article will provide the differences between them, breaking down the pros and cons between the storm door and security door

What are Storm Doors and Security Doors?

What are Storm Doors and Security Doors?

A storm door is made from solid glass panels or glass inserts that are surrounded by a wooden or steel frame. These glass panes are exceptionally well-designed. 

The outer layer of the glass assists in keeping out harmful UV rays and heat from the sun, whilst the glass inserts as a whole allow for light to shine through perfectly.

This is a good add-on to any home that is in search of a door that provides a good amount of natural light. For storm doors, noise does not travel through it as easily. If you are a rather private person, this is a great option as it keeps sound and noises within your own four walls

On the other hand, a security door provides you with added strength, ideal for entrances to your home to protect against unwanted visitors.

With a reinforced aluminum frame, the door is accompanied by a stainless steel woven mesh and a triple-lock to ensure unwanted visitors cannot enter when locked.

The mesh is often so strong that they do not require an added aluminum design. The door offers a clean-cut look to your home.

Storm Door vs. Security Door

Each door has its capacity and is a winner in certain categories, let’s explore such categories:

1. Durability 

There are different types of storm doors. 

But the most commonly obtained ones are made of aluminum, wood, or vinyl, offering average durability and variety. 

On the other end, security doors often bolster steel or wrought iron construction, ensuring quality strength.

Most durable: Security doors.

2. Energy Efficiency

Storm doors can greatly improve energy efficiency by reducing drafts during cold climate conditions and heat loss. 

Security doors, while they are very strong or study, might not offer the same level of insulation.

Most energy-efficient: Storm doors

3. Ventilation

Most modernized storm doors are manufactured with screens, allowing for proper ventilation without compromising security

Security doors might not provide an equal level of airflow or ventilation as a result of their solid build.

Best ventilation: Storm doors

4. Appearance 

When it comes to appearance, storm doors tend to offer room for a variety of design choices, including decorative glass options

Aside from just offering security, it gives a facelift to the appearance of the architectural structure of your home since it’s an exterior layer of your front door.

Security doors focus primarily on functionality, but in recent times, modern designs have become more visually appealing.

Most attractive: Storm doors

5. Weather Adaptability

Storm doors are particularly designed and structured to withstand various weather conditions and offer great wind mitigation.

Security doors are also durable but might not have the same weather-resistant features offered by storm doors.

Most weather-adaptable: Storm doors

6. Protection and Security

Protection and Security

Security doors are matchless in their ability to protect your home against break-ins and intrusions. 

While storm doors offer an additional layer of protection, they might not be highly resistant to break-ins or intrusion.

Most secure: Security doors

7. Insurance Benefits 

Many insurance companies offer policy discounts or reduction for homeowners with security doors due to their added advantage of protection. 

This type of discount is typically unavailable if you install a storm door.

Most insurance benefits: Security doors

8. Maintenance 

Storm doors with screens may require more regular cleaning and maintenance, on the other hand, security doors typically do not require as much maintenance to ensure their longevity.

Lowest maintenance: Security doors

9. Cost

Security doors are typically more expensive and on the high end than storm doors due to their stronger and sturdier materials and build. 

This makes storm doors an appealing choice for budget-conscious people. Storm doors cost around $400 on standard, but they can range in cost between $190 and $625

Whilst security doors, on the other end, cost $1,400 on average, but they can range between $600 and $5,000, depending on the combination of materials used in manufacturing.

Most affordable: Storm doors


While the difference between the two options is meaningful, one isn’t always better than the other. When you are making a choice between a storm and a security door, it is essential to weigh the differences between the two.

Both have their uses and finding the one that meets your needs is the most important thing you can do. Once you are able to identify the need within your home, one of these doors has the ability to fill it. 

While the decision is solely up to you, weighing the pros and cons of both doors is an essential way to ensure that you get the door that matches not only the aesthetic and style of your home; but also the need.


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