Do Alarm System Signs Deter Burglars?

Do burglar alarm signs deter potential burglars? Security systems are typically accompanied by signs that you may choose to place in your yard.

But do these signs actually keep intruders and burglars away? Yes of course!. These signs keep them at arm’s length. This article will provide you with reasons why burglar alarm signs are important.

What are Burglar Alarm Signs?

What are Burglar Alarm Signs?

These are a selection of signs to inform potential Intruders/burglars that your building has the appropriate alarms fitted.

Burglar alarm signs are intended to keep unwanted visitors, and trespassers away by notifying them about an electronic alarm system installed in your property.

Do Alarm System Signs Deter Burglars?

Having an alarm sign indicating surveillance can be a loud and effective way to deter an impulsive burglar.

Strategically placing signs near back entrances and easy-access windows helps improve overall safety. It is extremely important to protect all of your vulnerable entrances. Also, make sure that your burglar alarm signs are easily visible from a distance.

Burglars want to get in and out with no trouble, and a burglar alarm sign is a sign that breaking into the home may be more stressful than it’s worth.

Although experts in security would never recommend that you use only signage to protect your property a simple deterrent may not be enough to protect your valuables. 

When it comes to protecting your property, a well-rounded security protocol is always your best option even in the presence of mere signs.

Why Do You Need More Than Burglar Alarm Signs?

Why Do You Need More Than Burglar Alarm Signs?

Simply having a burglar alarm sign in front of your house will not completely deter burglars, here’s why:

1. Smarter Burglars are Aware

According to studies, there are two types of burglars:

  • Impulsive Opportunist

Many burglars fit into this category and are looking for an easy win. This means a burglar alarm sign may be enough to keep them away.

  • Deliberate Planners

This category will be more meticulous in planning days before execution to enable them to use the best way to get into your home as quickly and stealthily as possible.

If possible, they’ll interfere with your phone line if you have a landline-monitored security system.

This group of burglars is so deliberate, that they’re likely to discover that you don’t actually have an alarm security system and break in without fear.

Hence, a burglar alarm sign may deter burglars looking for a quick in and out, but it won’t deter those who plan more carefully.

2.  Drugs and alcohol facilitate rational decision-making

A burglar alarm sign may work against those who are thinking straight but not against potential burglars under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

According to research, offenders state that using substances prior to a burglary helps to overcome fear.

3.  Absence of peace

Carrying the awareness that you have just burglar alarm signs and your home remains vulnerable to burglary and intruders clearly robs you of any kind of peace, especially in a high-crime environment.

There is a level of peace that comes with knowing that both in your absence and presence both your family and properties are safe and there are proper security systems installed or put in position to deter intrusion.


As a note of finality, burglar alarm signs are great and can play a helpful role in deterring would-be criminals but not enough high resistance to prevent deliberate burglars.

Rather than just a burglar alarm sign, it should be paired with tight security systems like security cameras or proper alarm systems.


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